Newcastle Medics and Dentists Halfway Ball 2018

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Please Note :- The images shown on this site have been reduced in size and quality to minimise the download times - they do not reflect the quality of the photographs.

Click here to view the individual Photobooth photos

Click here, or on the images above to view the photographs from the Newcastle Medics and Dentists Halfway Ball 2018

Please click on the images / links above to view the photos from the Halfway Ball - 35 images are displayed on each index page. Just click on any of the thumbnails to view them enlarged. The standard photographs are 8"x6" in size and cost just £4.50 each (or £5 in a fold-over 10" x 8" presentation mount), or as 10"x8" photographs without a presentation mount, and these cost £7 each.. The photos may be ordered securely from this website using your credit card / debit card- just add images to the shopping cart. Your photos will be posted / delivered to you within 2 - 3 working days (pp £1.50)

Images 001-151 - the studio photos taken before and during the meal
Images 152-192 are the table photos
Images 193-423 are the studio photos after the meal
Images 424-699 are the individual Photobooth photos
Images 001-069 are the printouts taken in the Photobooth

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