Data Protection Policy

We take data protection very seriously and have looked at all the ways that we obtain and use personal information throughout our business to ensure that we comply with the GDPR regulations.

We collect and hold personal information in two ways, firstly in receiving your images, and then during the ordering process.

Photographic Images

All images that we receive are stored on one computer that only we as owners of the business have access to. Backup files are taken for security and these are stored securely and in a separate location. After 3 years the images are removed from our editing system and archived indefinitely to allow these images to be purchased at a later date if required.

We may display images on our Facebook page or website for advertising purposes, however if you do not wish your image to be displayed publically you can request this at any time.

Information obtained during ordering

When images are ordered from us, we have to obtain information such as name, address, and email address to allow us to fulfil the order and distribute the images to the purchaser. We use PayPal as a secure third party to process all purchases from us, and once the buyer has completed their shopping cart on our website the checkout process is conducted remotely from ourselves by PayPal. We therefore do not hold or ever see any personal information attached to this buying process, and we never obtain or see any card numbers or other details normally obtained in this process. We have satisfied ourselves that PayPal offer a secure and reliable service that protects the buyers information as far as possible.

Once a transaction has been completed via PayPal, a receipt is sent to the buyer and an order is sent to us, and the funds are transferred via PayPal to ourselves. This order only details the buyers name, billing address and email address, and the details of the order. The order details are then used by us to produce the required photograph, a packing slip is printed from Paypal and this is sent with the order for all postal orders, and once the order is completed we then send a confirmation email to the email address given to inform the buyer that the order has been processed and despatched. The email is then archived as evidence of details of the sale as required by HMRC and other legal bodies, but no other information is retained by us. We only share the delivery information with the courier company who also require the name and address in order to deliver the physical photographs.

We do not hold or retain any personal information after a transaction, and we do not operate any form of mailing list either physically or by email that we send to individuals. We do not share any personal information with any other company or body, unless we are obliged to do so to meet our legal obligations.

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