About Us

We turn your own photos into masterprieces, removing the background and giving it an oil painting makeover

We have  been professional photographers for over 30 years, and have photographed all things canine, equine and human!! We are constantly looking to evolve the  business, using new technology and skills to seek out the latest techniques to bring our passion for photographs to our customers. With restrictions on movement and social distancing, we have looked at ways that we can still  provide a service to our customers, yet keep us and everyone else safe.

As many people have over the last few months, we've been spending more time with our pets, and they are a massive part in all our lives. We all love photos of our animals, and while you will probably have hundreds on your phone, how many have you actually printed off?? The time and cost of a professional photography shoot at a dedicated studio is prohibitive, and often the pet is stressed or uncertain about being in a strange environment that means they aren't looking  the most relaxed and happy. Paintings and drawings of a pet are, by their  nature, open to interpretation by the artist, and it is very difficult to create a faithful likeness for an animal the artist may well never have met.  Photos taken yourself, in a home or familiar environment are much more natural, and show the true nature of your pet, however there are often other people or objects in the background that distract away from the subject.

Now we can offer you the best of all of the above so you can use your own photos, taken wherever and whenever, and ones that you think best show the true character of your pet, and convert them into dreamy pet portraits. We can  remove all the background clutter from your photo, replace it with a textured canvas look, and create an oil painting effect to the photo that makes your pet  the star of the image. Head shots, full body shots, whatever you want we can  edit and crop the photo to just how you like it, so you have the perfect and  gorgeous portrait of your pet for only a fraction of the price.


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